How to learn to play a musical instrument

For years we have seen a big increase in kids who want to learn to play guitar mainly, but also many other instruments.

Given this boom, we can not but see how the opportunities and methods for learning are many more now that only ten years ago. Once it was necessary to go and get guitar lessons from a teacher, who could afford it, once, twice, three times a week, depending on how good you were and how much interested. The teacher taught the tunes and some songs, after some time. But the teacher was paid, and often a lot. Or you could learn to strum something from friends, but unless they were already great musicians, the levels reached were not lofty. There were not programs like garage band and who wanted to hear and check how it sounded, he had no other method than recording a tape and return to the point more or by intuition. To learn how to play your favorite songs, we went into stores and tried to memorize musical scores and arrangements, or we could ask the teacher to write down some.

Now, thanks to the spread of video games where you can learn to play an instrument, a lot of young people has become passionatet in this world. And always thanks to the development of many new technologies learning how to play is much easier and faster. You just have to go to the web and there are demonstration videos, programs that provide all the scores, you can digitally record and then immediately find the place you want to repeat. Yet many of these videos are often poor performances of other guys who want to show off and strut with an instrument. You should pay attention here to choose the right tools.

All these programs are very useful if you have no intention of paying a teacher, but keep in mind that to play really well, you must first learn the basics. To do this, the best method is definitely subscribe to a music school. Learn how to self-learners is certainly very admirable, but it requires a lot of effort and twice the study. At least for the first time, you should better turn to the real experts. If then you are interested in playing your favorite songs, alone or with friends, after learning a solid foundation you can begin to explore their own arrangements of different songs.

In these schools, people of all ages can apply, whether they have previous knowledge in music or they are starting from zero, there will always be a suitable teacher for you. Furthermore you can also choose the tool that you like, not just the usual guitar. Try to space, with the mind and fingers between piano, clarinet, horn, flute, flugelhorn, percussion, sax, trumpet, trombone, tuba. You can also find lessons on sol-fa and music theory.

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