The King of Musical Instrument–piano

Piano is a precious musical instrument. It can make beautiful and loud sounds. It also has a wide range. Piano is complicated. It contains keyboard, string machine, hammer, damper, strings and pedal. Modern piano has 7 octaves.
Modern piano is divided into upright piano and grand piano according to their shape and volume. The grand piano is used in concert. It is very big. It is up to 9 feet long. It weighs 79 tons at the most. Upright piano is cheap and small. It is for piano lovers. Till now the most expensive piano is the Steinway Grand Piano made in 1888. It was sold out at 180000 pounds in 1980 in New York.
Piano is loved by composers because of its unique sound and gamut of 88 keys. It plays an important role almost in all kinds of music. Piano is the king of musical instrument.

Made in China gives you a lot of good choices
Made in China offers all kinds of pianos you need. There are traditional grand pianos and upright pianos. There is also educational piano for children and electronic piano for beginners. The digital piano is modern and convenient to use. If your house is of classical style, you can choose wooden piano. If you want to play the piano just for fun, the cool 61-key rolling piano will be a good choice. You also have access to different piano benches of top quality and at the most competitive prices.

How to choose piano
Piano is an expensive musical instrument, so you have to be careful when you buy it. You should pay attention to its sound, tactility, tone, stability, durability, exterior and tension when you choose piano.
1.    Sound
Good piano has clean and lasting sound. It can make light sound, as well as loud sound.
2.    Tactility
It is comfortable for both beginners and good piano players to touch a good piano.
3.  Tone
Every piano has to be adjusted at regular intervals. The after frame of a good piano is well designed, so that it can prolong the time interval of adjustment.
4. Durability
Nothing in your house can be more durable than the piano. Functions, sound and exterior of a good piano will keep the same for a long time.
5. Exterior
Because piano is the most remarkable furniture in the house, most people care exterior of the piano. When you choose the piano, you have to think about the room you keep it. And then choose the style for you.
6.    Tension
Whether the strings are tight

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